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Talk about an amazing game! No one expected the Raiders to go into KC and beat the defending Super Bowl champions, but they did it with a thoroughly dominating 2nd half of play. It was the Raiders first win at Arrowhead Stadium since 2012, and we certainly had a great time celebrating the victory with our group that took over PT’s Tavern. The Raiders are now 3-2 on the season, sitting in 2nd place in the 2020 AFC West Standings.

For some in Raider Nation, this game may be considered the SuperBowl for us – but then again, why not dream bigger, right? After all, this team already beat the Saints, now the Chiefs, and we have a game upcoming against the mightly Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccs. Imagine if the Raiders win that game too? Perhaps then, those in the media will start to take this team seriously again after a long string of disappointing years.

But hey, that was when they WEREN’T in Las Vegas! Just like the Vegas Golden Knights, this team has a blank slate to make history in Las Vegas. If you’re local to Las Vegas, you have to love the fact that you’re in a position to witness more sports history in this town. And if you’re not local, perhaps you should be!

Relocate to the Las Vegas Valley. Believe it or not, Covid is your friend for now when it comes to real estate prices, and the new homes that are being built are second to none in the country. (Plus you’re going to LOVE the weather here for the next 10 months)

Good weather makes for good Super Bowl parties, right? Or are we getting ahead of ourselves?