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It wasn’t too long ago that a win against the Browns was a given. The team was bad – really bad! New York Jets bad! … but now, the Browns are actually formidable and this game was not a “gimme” by any sense of the word – especially in Cleveland.

But the Raiders threw down the hammer on the defense en route to an impressive 20-6 win! A few of us got together at the Green Valley Ranch sportsbook to watch the game, and shockingly enough, there seemed to be more Browns fans than Raiders fans at the casino. I guess those Browns fans travel well.

Of course, Raider Nation travels well too, but the great thing is you don’t have to travel anymore if you currently live in the Bay Area since Vegas is so close, you may as well just buy a place in Las Vegas – as so many Raiders fans are doing!

The Raiders now sit in 2nd place in the AFC West with a 4-3 record and the playoffs are certainly a possibility. Many didn’t see the postseason a realistic option for this team, but the team has surprised us loyal fans. Similarly, many real estate analysts didn’t expect Las Vegas to rebound quickly to the devastation that Covid caused, but sure enough the housing stats seem to indicate robust sales and significant market movement (something the “experts” didn’t expect either!)

Just like it’s great to be a Raiders fan for a winning team, you can now be a part of our group and consider relocating yourself and your business to the Las Vegas Valley and be a winner in real estate too. Now who would have expected that?

Sunday’s upcoming game against the Chargers is going to be big! It’s a 1:05pm start in Los Angeles and we’ll be getting together someplace to watch the game. Contact us today and join us as we root on the team and talk real estate in the process.