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Well, that’s it folks. It’s pretty much over for the season. Our Las Vegas Raiders lost again in agonizing fashion as they lost a game they led with 30 seconds left and the Dolphins on their own 25 yard line! Yes, you read that correctly!

It’s a good thing Allegiant Stadium was empty because this was a very ugly way to end their season home game schedule. Once again, the Raiders epic collapse became just another indicator of a team with a decent offense but problems on defense.

Then, there was the controversial strategy of Jon Gruden, who opted to kick a field goal rather than score an easy touchdown at the end of the game. With the loss, not only were the Raiders officially eliminated from the playoffs, but now they can’t even secure a winning season. And that’s a big disappointment – especially when we look back at the optimism this team eluded after the first half of the season when they looked like a shoe-in for the postseason. As Gruden said: “It’s a terrible way to lose a game.”

The Raiders fell to 7-8 on the season and remain in second place in the AFC West. They finish off their season in Denver on Sunday.

The good news, however, is that the Las Vegas real estate continues to be very strong. Raiders fans (and the entire Raider organization for that matter) that chose to move from tax-heavy and business-unfriendly California to the beautiful Las Vegas Valley are reaping significant real estate rewards. I guess having your home appreciate in a thriving market  makes the Raiders latest loss a little easier to take?

If you haven’t moved out of Cali and relocated to Las Vegas yet, we ask you: what are you waiting for? Plus, you have a built-in friend base when you join our RaidersRE community! Contact us today to get going with a purchase of your brand new custom home (that probably will cost you WAY less than what you’d get in over-priced California)