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Just when you thought you had lost to the worst team in the league, your quarterback throws a hail mary pass to a wide open receiver and you end up winning the game!

The Jets had Sunday’s game firmly in hand with a 4-point lead over the Raiders with 35 seconds remaining. Then a baffling defensive assignment by the Jets gave the Raiders one last chance to score. And Carr came through! Good thing the Jets’ coaching staff is in tank mode for the Number 1 pick of the draft, because – even though we’re Las Vegas Raiders fans – we think there should be an official investigation directed at the Jets and Coach Adam Gase. Yes, the playcall was that bad!

But regardless, the win kept the Raiders in 2nd place in the AFC West with a 7-5 record with their playoff hopes alive. It was amazing win, and based on the last 5 minutes of the game, a win no Raiders fan saw happening.

You know what else is amazing? How Las Vegas home prices keep rising in the wake of Covid! Just take a look at these numbers:

If you’re a Raiders fan and have bought a place in Las Vegas to join in on the fun of watching Raiders football locally, you’ve already done quite well (like we told you too). If you haven’t, well, once again: what are you waiting for?!?

Move out of high-tax and locked-down California and join us here in the desert! You’ve already got Raiders fans here waiting for you. We call it: “instant friends”! Contact us ASAP and let’s explore that possibility for you!