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When the 4-9 Chargers come into your home stadium, you expect to beat that team. Somehow, that didn’t happen on Thursday night football. Instead, Los Angeles defeated our Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium by a final score of 30-27 in overtime, a game that the Raiders had in the bag if they just played a little defense on the Chargers final possession.

The worst part of the loss is it basically killed the Raiders chances of a postseason berth. Sure you can make a case that they were without quarterback Derek Carr for three and a half quarters due to injury, but backup QB Marcus Mariota did nearly everything a backup quarterback could do for an offense, finishing 17-for-28 for 226 yards, one touchdown and only one interception.

With the loss, the Raiders fell to a .500 record of 7-7 as they’ve dropped four of their last five games after getting off to an impressive 6-3 start. Plus, their only win during that time was the gift they got from the lowly Jets! Oh well, I guess us fans just have to keep the faith  and see how the rest of the season plays out. The Raiders play the Miami Dolphins next Saturday for their final home game of the year.

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